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Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss A&M RecordsLabor weekend is coming up and you’re going to be stuck in the car with the kids and your going to want to play some decent music to keep them entertained while still keeping you engaged on the road while still trying to understand why your children are so boorrrrreeeeeddddddd.  And while I don’t have the perfect solution I do have a three-disc set coming out today that will keep you entertained and thereby keep the kids entertained by seeing what a freak you are because you know all the words to all the songs.

It’s the A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection and while I don’t have enough time and space to devote to the genesis of A&M Records’  Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss the A and M of A&M Records, I can point you directly to the music.  Amazon has the 60 songs for around $20.  You can’t beat that with a stick and you’ll know every song from the pop of The Carpenters to Captain & Tennille (Disc 1)to the rock of Peter Frampton and The Police (Disc 2) to the R&B of Barry White and Janet Jackson (Disc 3).  What a great nostalgia trip.  Enjoy!

A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection

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