New Music Tuesday

Not so much a new music Tuesday as shout out to the work of Bob Ezrin who has a “resurrection” album and a band that needs a resurrection coming out today.

KISS and Bob Ezrin

KISS and Bob Ezrin

Alice Cooper described Bob Ezrin as “our George Martin” as the sounds he helped create, defined the work of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and KISS.  These three artists are all bands that were first and foremost known as a live act and not just for playing music but for their theatrical approach to music.  Bob Ezrin has the gift for bringing out that theatrical sound to a studio setting which made for some of the greatest albums to come out of the 1970s and 80s.   Those big fat drums sounds and bold guitars put way out in front of the mix defined the sound of the 70s.  You can hear it in this classic Alice Cooper album “Welcome To My Nightmare”

Bob Ezrin and Alice Cooper

Bob Ezrin and Alice Cooper

KISS Destroyer- Resurrected


The reason I’m saluting Bob Ezrin today is because he has two projects coming out.  One is a revisit back to the KISS classic “Destroyer” entitled “Destroyer: Resurrected”.  Bob Ezrin remixed the original master tapes to enhance the sound.  This reissue  also include rare photos, a new essay by Ezrin and the originally intended cover artwork.

The Darkness Hot Cakes




The other album coming out today is by The Darkness.  You may remember this band from their other the top stage theatrics, tongue in check word play and flamboyant lead singer.  Sounds like the perfect band for Bob Ezrin, which is why he was called in to produce this project.   The band is back with all their original members and hopefully all egos are in check this time (drugs and alcohol tends to lead to delusions of grandeur).  Time will tell if Bob has delivered his golden touch to these once golden boys.  Here’s their partially NSFW video.


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    Long Live Bob Ezrin!

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