New Music Tuesday

Two future great summer records to play in the next few months and two comeback records highlight this week’s releases.

Best Coast are the The Beach Boys and Katy Perry and The Go-Go’s all rolled up in one delicious package.  Their last record entitiled “Crazy For You” took on the best of Darlene Love and The Shangri-Las and this new one embraces lead singer’s Bethany Cosentino love of California and dreamy pop with wistful lyrics.  It’s hard not to sway from side to side while listening to their songs.  This one is already a favorite of mine.  Here is the first single “The Only Place

Best Coast – The Only Place

Similarly is Beach House, although they hail from Baltimore they live up to their name and while Best Coast music should be played at a beach party, Beach House should be played later that night reflecting on the events after the party.  Lyrically it’s a bit introspective and moody yet still retains the warmth of the sun feel.   Here’s a sample lyric.

“Can’t keep hanging on
to all that’s dead and gone
if you build yourself a myth
know just what to give
do you lie?
we’ll let the ashes fly

And here’s the song, “Myth” containing those lyrics

Beach House – Myth 

The last Garbage album came out in 2005.  You probably don’t remember that album as it was not their strongest effort and also their poorest selling album. The group has admitted that they were burned out but now seven years removed they are recharged and ready to rock. Lead singer Shirley Manson is still a commanding and charismatic front woman and drummer/über producer still knows how to create layers and layers of sounds and still make it pop.  Here’s the first video “Blood For Poppies”

Rolling Stone got their review wrong for the latest Tenacious D album.  The review says they are in danger of becoming what they parody.  The fact is Tenacious D is not parodying the music.  They truly love the music and Golden Gods we worshipped in the 70’s, warts and all.  They take on those warts with their first song “Rize Of The Fenix” acknowledging at the start that their movie/album flopped.  So this is sort of a comeback but don’t call this a comeback.  The D is back and I am extremely grateful to have JB and KG back.  Here’s the brilliant first video.

The Only Place Bloom

Not Your Kind Of People [Deluxe] 

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