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Jack White has been called the Willie Wonka of Rock and Roll and for good reason.   Here are a few of the crazy products and promotions he’s come up with for his Third Man Record label.

For Third Man Records, 3rd anniversary he released an album that plays at 3RPM much to the frustration of the people who purchased it because it was virtually unplayable.

Well now Jack’s doing something he’s never done before and that’s to release a solo record called Blunderbuss.  It’s got everything you might expect from Jack;  Love gone bad songs, old blues covers and brilliant guitar work.  The unexpected will come with the upcoming tour as he’s bringing two separate bands (one all female, one all male) and will let them know the morning of the shows on who will perform.  I’ll  expect some Oompa Loompa sightings.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention that Brendan Benson, Jack White’s band mate in The Raconteurs is also releasing an album entitled, “What Kind Of World“.  Brendan knows his way around a pop tune and how to make it brilliant.  Expect to hear wonderful melodies juxtaposed with lyrics of self-doubt with this self-released album that was recorded entirely in analog.

Here’s the title song.

Blunderbuss What Kind of World


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