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I guess this is the week I blog about the powerful female singer.  Two noteworthy albums come out today from a couple of the most honest vocalists out there…and no, I’m not talking about Beyonce or Selena. I’m talking about Dolly and Gillian Welch (Kind of hard to believe that Gillian is the only artist in this group where I have to add her last name).

Somehow Dolly has the gift to make lyrics that left to a less accomplished singer (cough…Selena) might seem schmaltzy.  Take for example this chorus from the song, “Together You and I” off her album Better Day.

Together you and I can stop the rain and make the sun shine. 
Paint a pretty rainbow, brushed with love across the sky, 
Together you and I belong, like a songbird and a song 
and we’ll always be together you and I 

Dolly somehow makes it work and I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.

Click on the picture and give a listen.

Conversely, Gillian Welch’s album The Harrow & The Harvest is as downcast as Dolly is bright.  Take this sample lyric from the opening lines of  “That’s The Way It Goes”.

Becky Johnson bought the farm
Put a needle in her arm
That’s the way that it goes
That’s the way

And her brother laid her down
In the cold Kentucky ground
That’s the way that it goes
That’s the way

Well it’s not exactly Beyonce-type lyrics but it’s the reason I love her.   Her voice is just as authentic as a Scorsese film.

NPR is streaming the album and I suggest you give it your undivided attention.

Click on the album to give it a listen.

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