New Music Tuesday

Two bands are hoping to avoid the sophomore slump.

One of the loudest bands to come around in some time is releasing their second album.  The band is Sleigh Bells and  you might think that it’s a metal record…especially one called Reign of Terrror but Sleigh Bells know their way around a hook.   The guitars go off like shotgun blasts and the beats are heavy but lead singer Alexis Krauss coos sweetly.   Their debut album, Treats really caught the attention of the girls in my family.  A rare treat to be able to enjoy some actual raw guitar sounds in my home.  I’m looking forward to  bringing the new album home.  Here’s the video for “Comeback Kid” and you can see why girls may like it as Alexis bounces around like a cheerleader in a Taylor Swift video…except she’s touting a machine gun.

The band Fun.’s (they have a period at the end of their band name, I’m sure to help with Google searches) first album, “Aim and Ignite”  had harmonies and strange time signatures  reminiscent of Queen and hooks that recalled the days of Jellyfish.  It was no coincidence as they hired Robert Joseph Manning, Jr. formerly of Jellyfish to arrange their songs.  The new album “Some Nights” promises more of what they started on their first record and they are already getting significant radio airplay with the song “We Are Young”  with backing assistance from Janelle Monáe.  Enjoy it now and complain that you’re tired of hearing it 3 months from now.  This song will be around for a while.   Catch all the “Fun.”  as the band destroys things in extreme slow motion in the video.


Click on the photos to hear them on Spotify.


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