New Music Tuesday

Happy Summer!

There are a few new releases to get excited about this week.

The first is the self -titled album from Bon Iver.  Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon released a brilliant album in 2008, For Emma, Forever Ago.  Last year, this soft-spoken singer from Wisconsin performed on Kanye West’s album and even sang at Coachella with him.  Needless to say, expectations are high. Rolling Stone even did a song by song break down of it.

Click on the cover to see the very beautifully cool Peter Gabriel-esque video for Calgary. 

Extra bonus!  Bon Iver performing on The Colbert Report a song from For Emma, Forever Ago.

Bon Iver

Next up the new one from Gomez. Whatever’s On Your Mind is the name of the new album and they deliver another great pop rock gem.  They benefit from having three singers and four different songwriters in the band and yet they also bring a cohesion to their sound on each album.  Once on a major label, they are a true independent band and have a great website where you can sample all their music.  They are also one tremendous live band.  It’s always a treat to watch them play.

Click on the album to see a trailer for the new album.

Whatevers on Your Mind

Last, but certainly not least is Weird Al Yankovic.  All I can say is that the world is a better place with Weird Al living in it.

His new album is called Alpocalypse and contains such future classics like Party In The CIA, Polka Face and Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me.  

See, you’re smiling already.  Click on the album cover to see the first video, Perform This Way.

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  1. Have you seen the new Bon Iver video for the song “Calgary”? Weird stuff. But good stuff.

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