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Bro-country is such a big thing that in now has it’s own Wikipedia page.  But there is hope for those that are growing weary of songs about taking your girl with the cut-off jeans on a Friday night to the creek on your flat-bed truck with guns, tobacco and God by your side.

Kacey Musgraves "Pageant Material"The good news is there our slight cracks in the bro-country formula from the likes of Maddie & Tae’s #1 hit “Girl In A Country Song”, Brad Paisley has spoken out on the genre saying ” There are phrases that are totally cliché that we as songwriters owe it to ourselves to not use again”

And now Kacey Musgraves has a new album out called “Pageant Material”.  And while the album won’t change Nashville, she does look at the world with such a fresh perspective that it can give you hope for the future of country music. Welcome back!

Lately  Jeff Tweedy has been a a winning producer streak.  He help shape Mavis Staples last two records, he produced his own Tweedy project with his son Spencer and now he’s taken on Folk Music legend Richard Thompson.  Until you see Richard Thompson play live you don’t realize what a truly gifted guitarist he is. What you hear when you listen to his music is how amazing he is as a lyricist.

Beaknik Walking has both the deft guitar playing with a simple jaunting beat that seems light weight at first but when you dig into the lyrics there’s something ominous going on. I don’t think the “pot” he’s referring to in Amersterdam is the food pantry.

Amsterdam, where good things come in threes
Ease your troubled mind and shoot the breeze
Take the path down to the mill
I’m going to get my fill
I’m going to eat till the pot runs dry

Tweedy and Thompson come together to make “Still” and prove that good things do come in threes.

Richard Thompson "Still"

Richard Thompson “Still”

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