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Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti"

Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” at 96 and 98 St. Marks Place New York, NY

New Music. It’s great (sometimes) and I’m very happy (sometimes) that there is an amazing assortment of new sounds to hear on a consistent basis.  But sometimes it’s so nice to hear the tried and true.  You can go back to an old album and just sigh and scream “YES!’ This is what I want to hear and why can’t they make things like this anymore?  Disco will start to enter the picture and a year later The Ramones album will debut the beginning of rock’s dominance in pop culture begins. It just proves how amazing it is to listen to Led Zeppelin‘s Physical Graffiti and know that there will be nothing like this ever again.

Jimmy Page has remastered the music from this album that came out on February 24, 1975 and the new version will include additional music but all you really need are those 15 songs.

The two five-story buildings photographed for the album cover are located at 96 and 98 St. Mark’s Place in New York City.  The buildings on the album cover were the same ones that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were filmed in front of in The Rolling Stones music video “Waiting on a Friend

So do yourself a favor, set aside 82 minutes.  Get some headphones and just enjoy some truly Classic Rock.

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