New Music Tuesday

More reissues from the 90s and releases from artists that one might say 7 of the 15 songs belong on a best of collection.

Speaking of artists from the 90’s, Craig Armstrong is releasing the soundtrack album to In Time.  I’m not sure if In Time is going to be any good but it’s off to a good start if Craig Armstrong is attached to it.  Craig created the music for one of my favorite movies from the 90’s Romeo + Juliet and worked on one of my favorite albums from that same era, Massive Attack’s Protection.

And when we talk favorites of 2011 there’s only one name that comes to mind, Adele.  While she’s resting her voice, you can watch her as her DVD/CD comes out Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall.  Here’s a small sampling.  Enjoy!

Hometown Glory [Live at The Royal Albert Hall]


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