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Marika Hackman “We Slept At Last”  The debut album from English Folk artist.  I’ve played this song “Animal Fear” a number of times and I love this tale of victim and revenge “Even now as we are standing her. I can see the doubt in our eyes. I can smell the animal fear” Pretty tough words for someone that’s only 22. I’m hoping she makes it out to the States soon.  She is one to watch.

We Slept at Last

Marika Hackman “We Slept At Last”


The Amazing “Picture You” Swedish indie rock super group featuring members of Dungen, so you know this is going to rock.  Fun fact: The lead guitarist moolights as a postman.

Picture You

The Amazing “Picture You”


Twin River “Should The Light Go Out” Love the 80s?  Love Best Coast? Love No Doubt?  You’re going to  love this band.  The weird part is they’re not from California but from the Montreal and Vancouver parts of Canada.  The sound is frenetic surf pop punk.  I’m thinking they need to come down to LA , see the Pacific Ocean and discover why they sound like they do.

Should The Light Go Out cover art

Twin River “Should The Light Go Out


Whitehorse “Leave No Bridge Unburned”  This is a married couple that also hails from Canada.  The fact that they’re married adds to their give and take as they harmonize to “I’m electrified by the city light I get off where I need to And with who I like”    I love this sped-up  James Bond-esque dance track.

Leave No Bridge Unburned

Whitehorse “Leave No Bridge Unburned”


EstelleTrue Romance” We all know Estelle her 2008 top 10 and Grammy winning collaboration with Kanye West  “American Boy“.  She also got a Grammy nomination for her 2012 “Thank You“.  I prefer her soft, tender and fun side as opposed to when she tries to be more raunchy like on her last single “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”.  I think the public agrees as her latest single “Conqueror” is doing much better than her last single and is now in the top 20 of the Urban AC charts

True Romance

Estelle “True Romance”

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