New Music Tuesday

The Hold Steady are back which means more songs about late nights, drinking, broken hearts, looking for some action in the big city, keeping positive, finding love and dynamic guitar solos.  It’s all in the first single, “Spinners”.

I think I first learned about My Morning Jacket back in 2006 when they played Late Night with Conan and was just blown away.  I still dig it up every once in a while to perk me up (so much hair!).    I’ve been a fan ever since.   I’m feeling that same buzz after witnessing Future Islands perform “Seasons (Waiting On You) on Late Show With David Letterman.  Lead singer Samuel Herring looks like Marlon Brando and is so passionate you can hear him thump his chest as he sings. His voice reminds me of Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals but with a growl. The dance is awkward but passionate. Frankly, he scares me which is why I find it so interesting.  Like My Morning Jacket at the time, Future Islands are now a couple albums into their career but this one looks like it just might break through.

The Hold Steady "Teeth Dreams"  Future Islands "Singles"

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