New Music Tuesday

Apparently Halloween is near as the freaks are starting to come out and release new music.

By freaks, I mean beloved artists that have shown their freaky side a few times in their career.

The first freak is Peter Gabriel.  He may look like a harmless grandfatherly figure now but during his Genesis days he was slightly out there, as this video will show.  Peter is reconfiguring his music catalog and giving new interpretations of his songs through just strings, horns and percussion.  However, if you loved the driving drumbeat of “Red Rain” well kiss that goodbye.  It’s still epic and driving but with a totally new perspective.

Although not as freaky as Peter, Ryan Adams has been known to act like a freak and even released a vinyl only heavy metal record called “Orion“.  Thankfully he’s now in an introspective mood which always makes for a good Ryan Adams record and this one is his most rewarding in many years.  The video is also wonderful and you can view it here.

The Queen of freaks is also coming out today.  She’s definitely not of this world but the music is always full of surprising twists and turns with lyrics beyond comprehension.  Her new album is entitle Biophilia which means a love of life and the living world;the affinity of human being for other life forms.  Which describe Bjork to a tee.   Here’s the opening lyrics to her new record.  She sure can paint a picture with words.

As the lukewarm hands of the Gods

came down and gently picked my adrenaline pearls

they placed them in their mouths

 and rinsed all of the fear out

nourished them with their saliva

Of course, I save the biggest freak for last.  Click on the photo to hear it, for ladies and gentlemen, I give you William Shatner

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