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"Wake Me Up! " Avicci and Aloe Blacc

When people point to the death of the album I understand why.  There are great songs out there but many times I’m not interested in anything else that artist might say in a full length, nor do I think they’re that interested in creating a full album.

Case in point is the song “Wake My Up”.  It has amassed nearly 64 million plays on YouTube in less than 2 months time.

I don’t mind the song.  It’s reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, combined with an electronic dance music (EDM)  beat.  The song has been number one in 22 countries and according to radio monitor Mediabase is played on 10 separate music formats (variations of rock, pop and rhythmic formats) throughout the United States.

The problem I have is it’s a fairly disposable but fun song created by a Swedish DJ named Avicii (what’s with all those extra I’s?) and sung by an American named Aloe Blacc (and what’s with the extra C?).

Now Avicii has an album out called True.  It was recorded in Los Angeles and Stockholm, where Avicii collaborated with an eclectic group of artists including  Michael Einsinger from Incubus, Bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski, Nile Rodgers, and the legendary Mac Davis.

It might make for a curious listen but it seems more gimmicky than anything.   It’s the single that I want to hear.

For now, I’ll just enjoy “Wake Me Up!” whenever I have the radio on or at a wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

Avicii "True"

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