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In the 1980s a man named Trent Rezner formed a band called Nine Inch Nails that garnered worldwide acclaim.  Their  dark, industrial and yet melodic sound appealed to those disaffected youths seeking  a change in musical direction from the pop sound of its time.   Trent retired the band in 2008 to take on different projects like the soundtrack for The Social Network, in which he won an Academy Award and form a new band called How To Destroy Angels.  Trent has now revived Nine Inch Nails and is releasing a new album called Hesitation Marks.


In the 1990s, a woman named Kathleen Hanna’s formed a band called Bikini Kill that garnered worldwide acclaim for its riot grrrl movement which focused on empowering women through punk music.  The band disbanded in 1998 but Kathleen released a one-off project that year going under the name The Julie Ruin.  Kathleen has now revived The Julie Ruin and  is releasing a new album called Run Fast.



I saw Chelsea Wolfe a few weeks ago perform a few weeks ago and her “doom-drenched electric folk” is reminiscent of the electronic rock of Nine Inch Nails  Her dark, no apologies stage performance is as punk as any riot grrrl act.   Trent and Kathleen should be proud that their legacy is carrying forward.  The name of Chelsea Wolfe’s new album sounds like an album that could come from either NIN or Bikini Kill.  It’s called Pain is Beauty


Nine Inch Nails "Hesitation Marks" The Julie Ruin "Run Fast"


Chelsea Wolfe "Pain Is Beauty"

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