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Rarities, Collectibles and non-LP tracks are sometimes a nice buffer between real projects for an artist.  For the hardcore fan it’s fun to sometimes lift the curtain to hear a different arrangement of a familiar song or hear something that just didn’t make the cut.  It’s the equivalent of the extras on your Blu Ray/DVD

There are a few projects that add some insight to artists with rabid followings.

First is “Another Self Portrait” by Bob Dylan.  Self Portrait was released in 1970.  Greil Marcus famously opened up his review of the album in Rolling Stone with the line “What is this shit?“.  Understandable as it was a hodgepodge of songs that start and stop and sometimes felt unfinished.  The new arrangements help flesh out what Dylan may have been trying to accomplish back in 1970.  Greil Marcus revisits the album and writes the liner notes in the latest edition of Dylan’s ongoing Bootleg series.

Hard to believe it was way back in 1997 that I first heard Belle & Sebastian‘s “The Stars of Track and Field“.  I guess after 17 years they’ve left some scraps on the table and now it has been collected for your enjoyment with the album “The Third Eye Centre”  Here’s a remix of “Your Cover’s Blown” from the 2004 EP “Books”.

Speaking of remix’s, Maynard James Kennan of Tool and A Perfect Circle is revisiting another project of his.  In 2011, Puscifer released the album “Conditions Of My Parole“.  Maynard is now taking that album and turning it upside down with electronic versions of each song.  If you’re a fan of Maynard that you just have to trust him on this one.  You’ll probably love these versions just as much as the originals.


F.U.B.A.R. Remix

Bob Dylan "Another Self Portrait" The Bootleg Series Volume 10  Belle & Sebastian "Third Eye Centre"

Puscifer "All Re-Mixed Up"

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