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The hit single used to be the instigator for us to want to buy the entire album.  Of course we all know first  iTunes took over and we started picking and choosing our songs of choice.  Now streaming services are the dominate player and curated playlists.  However there are a two singles out right now that are so intriguing that I want to hear the albums in their entirety.  Those albums are now available

The first is  The Weeknd. The album is  “Beauty Behind The Madness“.  For some reason people like to declare the song of the summer and no one can agree.  This summer however saw the release of “Can’t Feel My Face” and all bets were off as this song has dominated the charts since it was released.  The Weeknd are playing the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday and I expect the song to get another jolt  as those that don’t even listen to hit-driven music are now exposed to this song.  This is going to be “Happy” and “Get Lucky” type huge.  Soon the name Abel Tesfaye (The singer/songwriter/producer behind The Weeknd) will be a household name

Sample the songs from the album here

The Weeknd "Beauty Behind The Madness"

On a smaller scale, the song “New Americana” by Halsey has also garnered interest with her declaration of the New Millennials.

We are the new Americana,
High on legal marijuana,
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana,
We are the new Americana.

Does she have more to say?  Will she be the spokeswoman for this generation?   She is all of 20 years of age.  I’ll have to give a listen to Badlands and see what else is on Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey’s mind. By the way, doesn’t anyone use their real name anymore?

Halsey is a restless soul as this song “Hurricane” declares “Don’t belong to no city. Don’t belong to no man…I’m a Hurricane”


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