New Music Friday

Two very different styles of music from these ladies but both of these artists are worth your attention.

Iris DeMent The Trackless Woods‘ sets 18 poems by acclaimed 20th Century Russian poet Anna Akhmatova to life.

The project also fulfilled a long yearned-for desire to connect with her adopted daughter’s culture and history. Iris and her husband adopted their daughter from Siberia in 2005, and she says ”I’d never have made this record were it not for her.”

She has one of the purest, achingly beautiful Americana voices  and she probably could sing the dictionary and it would make me weep.


I first saw Chelsea Wolfe when she was the opening ac for Queens Of The Stone Age.  It was mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time.  Like Iris, Chelsea’s voice is also achingly beautiful but whereas Iris’ voice lifts you up, Chelsea’s comes from a much darker place and brings you down…and I can’t get enough of it.

As the press release states “(Chelsea) crafts a score… she describes as the ”hazy afterlife… an inverted thunderstorm… the dark backward… the abyss of time.”

I find it strangely beautiful.


Iris DeMent "The Trackless Woods"  Abyss - Chelsea Wolfe - Hello Merch


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