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Led Zeppelin 1979

It’s been almost 36 years since Led Zeppelin released their final studio album, In Through The Out Door (August 15, 1979, to be exact).  The bands legend continues to loom large.  That album is also a “what if” album, as in what if drummer John Bonham did not die in 1980.  In Through The Out Door pushed the band in a new direction.  It wasn’t exactly Hard Rock but there was “In The Evening”, it wasn’t prog rock but there was the 10 minute “Carouselambra” nor was it New Wave but there was “South Bound Saurez” and there was the rockabilly track “Hot Dog”.  Jimmy Page has said he wasn’t happy with the record and didn’t like the ballad and single from the album “All My Love”.  In fact, Jimmy Page had no part in the composing of the song.  Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were pushing the band in new directions.  Jimmy Page and John Bonham wanted to still rock out like the 70s.  Even if Bonham were still alive to record their next album, Led Zeppelin might not have survived.  It does make for an interesting album and makes one wonder about what might have been.

The final three remastered albums in the Zeppelin catalog Presence, In Through The Out Door and the oddities collection Coda are released today.

Since the 1979 Knebworth concert was one of their last epic shows, here is “Achilles Last Stand” off of Prescence and “Hot Dog” in which Plant and Jones seem to be enjoying themselves whilst Page and Bonham are simply tolerating the song.

Presence (Super Deluxe Edition Box)(2CD/ 3LP 180 Gram Vinyl w/Digital Download) In Through The Out Door (Super Deluxe Edition Box)(2CD/ 2LP 180 Gram Vinyl w/Digital Download)

Coda (Super Deluxe Edition Box)(3CD / 3LP 180 Gram Vinyl w/ Digital Download)

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