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This week it’s a battle between  One Direction and Justin Bieber.

“Made In The A.M.” by 1d is their final release before they start their hiatus and splinter off into new directions.

Justin’s album “Purpose” is his comeback of sorts after his  2012-2014″hiatus” of  legal troubles.

The battle is on for a week until Adele releases her album November 20th and reminds everyone of what a true superstar album release is like.

One Direction "Made in the A.M." Justin Bieber Purpose [Deluxe Edition]

Props though to Justin for coming up with unique ways to sell his record.  Justin is hitting arenas in  LA, Chicago and Houston this week and charging $22 for a copy of his album, Q & A with the Canadian boy wonder, the always vague “guest appearances and the premiere his video dance short film, “Purpose: The Movement”.  It’s only $18 if you’ve already bought the CD from Lyft.  That’s right.  The taxi ride share company is partnering with Justin.  If you select “Bieber Mode” on the Lyft app and order a $5 ride starting Thursday at midnight E.T., you will receive a link and $5 credit to download the album.

For those of you that love pop music of yore, Jeff Lynne’s ELO and Squeeze have new albums out too.  Familiar voices singing songs that may remind you of the way music used to sound on the radio.  Look for One Direction and Justin Bieber to release similar albums (or whatever constitutes an album) in the year 2045.

Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone In The Universe (Amazon U.S. Deluxe Exclusive) Squeeze "Cradle To The Grave"

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