Musician Meltdowns

Part of the appeal of the live performance is that it’s live and when artists are scheduled to go on, they go on stage and perform no matter what is going on in their lives or how they’re feeling.  As the saying goes “The Show Must Go On”.  If all goes according to plan, the artist has a good show and the audience has a good time.  Once in a while though, the artist takes his issues on stage.  We can have bad days at work and it’s not usually documented.  Artists have a bad day and it’s all there for everyone to see.

Father John Misty had one of those days this weekend in Philadelphia, commented that “Entertainment is stupid“.  His rant reminds me of the Cecily Strong Character  “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party


Of course, he’s not the first to lose focus during a show.  Here are a few other instances where a performer kind of lost focus on why they are on stage:


Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day does not like the fact that he needs to get off the stage.

The kids might not know this but back in 1991 you could not record a performance. If someone brought a camera it could upset the performer especially if his name is Axl Rose. His tantrum angered fands and ended up causing a riot in St. Louis.

In 2009, Ne-Yo is apparently in a different head space then entertaining fans as he is in tears in the middle of a song and walks off the stage. He later blames it a sinus infection.

Sly Stone has other things on his mind at Coachella in 2010.


Courtney Love doesn’t like the fact that someone is holding up a photo of Kurt Cobain at her show which apparently reminds her of how much she hates Dave Grohl.

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