Music Studio nostalgia

There is a wave of nostalgia sweeping over Music Recording studios.  Blame it on the ease and low-cost of recording and ability to manipulate music digitally through GarageBand and Protools and Autotune.  Much like low quality Mp3s created a resurgence for vinyl sales, musicians are suddenly realizing that thanks to digital technology, kids are not aware of what it used to take to create the sounds that emerged from a music studio.

There are three  unrelated movie projects that have plans to be released in the near future.  Each will focus on a different studio.

The first is Sound City.  Located in Los Angeles.   Directed by Dave Grohl.

Muscle Shoals Fame Studio Let's Not Get Carried Away

Here’s a tribute to this shack.  The Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, AL.   It may look like a dump but man, has it played a huge role in the history of modern rock/blues and R&B music. Artists like the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon traveled to Alabama because they wanted to re-create the sounds they loved from Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett. The Muscle Shoals movie is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and will come out later this year.




Caribou Ranch Music Studios in ColoradoThe third project is regarding Caribou Studios in Colorado.  John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Micheal Jackson and The Beach Boys came to this remote ranch in the Rocky Mountains to record.  Much like the Beatles titled their album after their recording studio, Abbey Road, Elton John named his 1974 album Caribou.   This movie will actually be scripted and will be helmed by Randall Miller.  Randall is currently working on a movie centered around legendary music club CBGBs.  There’s no trailer for Caribou so why don’t you enjoy Elton’s ode to Caribou.

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