Music Memoirs Fall 2013

Fall’s here which usually means that long anticipated biographies are coming out.

Here are a few I hope to read in the coming months.

Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir

Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir This woman ruled the radio airwaves in the 70’s, she dated Governor Jerry Brown and was called the first lady of California.  Any legitimate songwriter would hope to have Linda’s blessing and have her cut their song and she could interpret those songs in her own personal way to make it her own.  She was beautiful but uniquely independent.  It is tragic news that she came forth publicly that she has Parkinson’s Disease and can no longer sing.  I think spending a couple weeks reading this book and stepping inside her world will be  time well spent.

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life

Singer, photographer, activist, Graham Nash has seen and done a lot in his lifetime and it’ll be great to step into his shoes and learn about life from England to Laurel Canyon to Hawaii (where he currently resides).  He may think he’s a Simple Man but he’s been so much more as this bio should prove.

Johnny Cash: The Life

Johnny Cash: The Life

You’d think there would be nothing left to learn about Johnny Cash after the movie Walk The Line was released in 2005.  However I’m trusting former LA Times pop music critic, Robert Hilburn to totally encapsulate Johnny’s life much the same way Peter Guralnick was able to bring to life the nuances of Elvis  life in his two books Last Train To Memphis and Careless Love.  I know that is high expectation but I would expect someone that is so enraptured with the music of Johnny Cash as Robert Hilburn would only take on this project if he could do it right.

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