Music Films from the 80s now on Netflix

With the seasons of Mad Men coming to an end and Game of Thrones nearing it’s season finale it might be time to catch up on some music films. And since I will always love the 80s, here are few recommendations?….and when I say recommended it should mean said with a question as I haven’t seen them.  So they could be good, they could be crap but I am intrigued.  Click on the photos to get to the Netflix page.

Don't Stop Believin':  Everyman's Journey  In case you didn’t know. Steve Perry has been dipping his toe in a possible comeback by performing a couple times recently with the Eels.  While Steve stepped away from the spotlight, a man named Arnel Pineda, goes from singing in Manila nightclubs to singing for Steve’s former band.  This is his story.  In the meantime, check out one of Steve Perry’s performance with The Eels.  My favorite part is the when he’s introduced and the audience is puzzled thinking it can’t be THAT  Steve Perry and then realizes it actually is Steve Perry.

Can't Stop The MusicYes, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before nor care to see again but still, there’s still a little part of you that just wants to dance and remember what Bruce Jenner used to look like and see a pre Police Academy Steve Guttenberg not to mention a post-Superman Valerie Perrine.  It’s going to be horrible but sometimes you just can’t stop the music.

An Affair Of the Heart: Rick SpringfieldRemember Rick Springfield?  I sure do.  You probably do too, but the tagline in the poster says it all.  These are the people that L-O-V-E , Rick Springfield and always will

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