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Paul McCartney at Nets Game

Paul McCartney at Nets Game

I took the family to see Paul McCartney.  I’ve seen Paul a few times but I knew it was time to take the family to see an actual music icon.  Time is running out on a number of these artists.  I wish my parents had taken me to see Led Zeppelin or Elvis Presley but it never happened.  Here is a list of artists you should take your kids to see whenever you get the chance.  They might not appreciate it at the time, but you can bet they’ll brag about ten to twenty years later. Some of these artists are touring this year. Go now!

Elton John: October 4-5 at Staples Center. The voice isn’t the same but the piano playing is still tremendous and it might encourage your kid to keep tapping those ivories:

Prince: Still the greatest performer out there. I took my kids a few years and we still laugh at the way he preened and showed off his guitar skills. They don’t need to know the songs to know they’re seeing something special. This guitar solo from The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame still thrills me. It starts 3:27 into the song.

KISS: Residency in Las Vegas this November 2014. I recommend this with mixed feelings. I may not be a fan of the philosophies of Gene Simmons regarding the band direction but you can’t deny that this band was a true original. A chance to take the family to this spectacle should not be denied.

Fleetwood Mac: Tour starting in September with complete Rumors era lineup. Now that Christine McVie is back it’ll be probably the final time to hear the whole band play “Don’t Stop”, “You Make Lovin’ Fun”, “Songbird”, “Hold Me” and “Over My Head”. I got my tickets and I cant’ wait.

Jack White: He may be touring forever but take the kids now to see someone in his prime. It’s a treat to watch him work the guitar and work his band. He improvises and keeps everyone on their toes. There’s nothing more exciting then to hear Jack call an audible to his band and then rip into something like “Seven Nation Army” or “Lazeretto”

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