Music Documentaries

There are a number of fascinating documentaries that are out now and worth seeking your attention.


Marley follows the career and all too brief life of Bob Marley whose music continues to be played in college dorm rooms across the land.   That is only a slight joke as Bob Marley is one of those artists whose music continually speaks to each new generation.  Directed by Kevin McDonald of The Last King Of Scotland fame, Marley features rare footage and performances, as well as interviews with Bob’s family.  Bob Marley had 13 children: three with his wife Rita, two adopted from Rita’s previous relationships, and the remaining eight with separate women.   People speak lovingly about the man that passed away at 36.    This movie is currently in theaters but can also be viewed at home on demand.





Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death Of Patty Schemel is exactly as the title says.  You may not recognize the name Patty Schemel but she was a vital part of the post punk 90s music scene in the Pacific Northwest.   She was the drummer in the band Hole.   The movie follows Patty’s life as a drummer in an infamous band, coming to grips with her homosexuality and  dealing with her exploits after she leaves the band and spirals into drug addiction.  Here is some interesting footage of lead singer Courtney Love and husband Kurt Cobain having family time together.

Lastly, is the movie Music Man Murray which tells the story of 89 year old Murray Gershenz  and  how he accumulated his rare record collection valued at around $1.5 million and now his struggle to find a buyer for this collection of 300,000 records which he has now lowered to sell for the low, low price of $500,000.  The 20 minute documentary is now screening on The Documentary channel or you can watch it right now.

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  1. rischel says:

    Hey Dave, Patty’s last name is Schemel. We went to school together in Marysville, WA.

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