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I think combining music and a game will always be a fad, just ask the makers of Guitar Hero, but it can also add up to a quick cash grab.  I think the makers of Farmville will reap immense rewards with the introduction of:

That reads GagaVille (not  SasaVille which is how I originally read it) as in Lady GaGa.  Here’s a snippet from the press release:

GagaVille will showcase Lady Gaga’s style and themes from the album and videos (crystals, unicorns, sheep on motorcycles); and gamers will have exclusive access in Farmville to songs from the artists’s new album “Born This Way” before the album is released later in the month.


I think it’s genius marketing and I wish more artists would reach for the anything is possible plan.  Fans aren’t in Tower or Virgin Records anymore, they are on their computers ready to be a captive audience and Ms. Gaga has got a hold of them.

So get out there and start farming GaGa style!

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