Make It With You

Summertime music for me has become a nostalgic trip of days gone by and of a time a long, long ago that I don’t remember but somehow resonates with me.  This is one of the reasons I love Yacht Rock.

Yacht Rock is a combination of soft rock, adult contemporary music, blue-eyed soul and smooth jazz.  There’s usually a saxophone involved as well as the singing of Michael McDonald and/or Kenny Loggins. I imagine myself listening to this music on a boat, in my flip flops and enjoying a Zima.

One of the first songs to achieve this mellowness was the band Bread.  There is not a trace of saxophone but the stings are a perfect substitute.  Lead singer/songwriter David Gates strikes the perfect balance of getting it on and climbing on rainbows.  It’s probably the song that killed that killed the 1960s.  That said, it’s a perfectly produced record and it’s no wonder the song hit #1 on this day in 1970.


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