Madonna turns 30

Madonna 1983I always thought Madonna’s debut album exploded out of the gate when it came out 30 years ago as she seemed to be everywhere all at once in 1983.  But I looked on the Billboard singles charts and even though the album came out on July 27, 1983, her first single did not chart until October 29.  That song was “Holiday”.  If you asked me where it charted I would have guessed #1.  The actual answer is #16.  She sang that song on American Bandstand which is where she made her prophetic statement that she wanted to “rule the world”

The next single made it up to #10.  That song was Borderline and that’s when I first paid attention to her…mostly how she made me feel “funny” when I watched her video.    Even though it was dance music there was something about her look that made her seem indie and that she was someone to watch.

As we all know, she did not disappoint, but it wasn’t until a full year later in late 1984 that the next single broke through to #4.  I’m not sure if any label now would have the patience to work a debut artist’s album for over a year to insure its success.

The album still sounds great.  Give it a listen!

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