Lou Reed

Lou Reed 1942-2013Brian Eno once famously said regarding the poor selling debut album of The Velvet Underground “Everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band.”

This may help explain why I never started a band because frankly, The Velvet Underground scared me.  I had no interest as a kid in hearing about the dark underbelly of New York life or transsexuals or what it feels like to be on heroin.  Fortunately for me,  I love many of the artists that were inspired to start a band upon hearing The Velvet Underground.  They created covers of their songs and I started to hear the beauty in the lyrics which led me to actually listen to the originals.  Lou Reed was a true original and it’s truly sad to learn of his passing at the age of 71.

So in honor of the man I honored in a tongue in cheek post earlier this year,  I’m posting ten pretty good covers of Lou Reed/Velvet Underground songs.  I suggest you give these a listen and then go seek out the originals.  RIP Mr. Reed.

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