Lost 80s treasures

The SmithsTo some people who came of age in the 80s the names Morrissey, Johnny, Andy & Mike  mean the same thing as John, Paul, George & Ringo so when Mike Joyce blogged

  “A fan of The Smiths? An early recording you’ve probably never heard before.”

It was like finding a lost treasure.  Dubbed “The Pablo Cuckoo Tape” this recording has the early workings of many classics that ended up on The Smiths first album almost a year later.

 Sometimes the internet is a wonderful thing.

You’ve Got Everything Now
Accept Yourself 04:26
What Difference Does It Make 08:46
Reel Around The Fountain 12:52
These Things Take Time 19:28
I Don’t Owe You Anything 22:37
Hand In Glove 28:06
Handsome Devil 31:04
Miserable Lie 34:11



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