Linda, Phoebe and Nicolette

There must be something empowering about the Astrology Cancer sign as three  strong-willed women were born this week.  No in depth analysis but this post is just a strong appreciation of three women that made the world a better place with their talents.

Linda Ronstadt (born July 15) started her solo career shortly after her first band The Stone Poneys and she has not looked back.  She will be looking back soon when her autobiography comes out this September.

Phoebe Snow (born July 17) was blessed with a four octave voice, had a #1 song with “Poetry Man.  She resolved not to institutionalize her brain damaged daughter, Valerie and cared for her until Valerie’s death at 31 years old. She still somehow managed to keep her career going.   Phoebe sadly passed in 2011 at the age of 60.

Nicolette Larson born (July 17) stepped behind the shadows of working with Emmylou Harris and Neil Young to record her top ten solo song “Lotta Love” (written by Neil Young) .  She continued to do session work, even singing harmony for Van Halen’s “Could This Be Magic“.    She was a maid of honor for Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli’s wedding.  She maintained a country music career in the 80s.  Nicolette sadly passed at the young age of 45 from cerebral edema.

The cool thing about these woman is that they got to work together many times.

Ronstadt and Larson were billed as The Bullets for Neil Young’s American Stars ‘n Bars album.

Nicolette Larson and Linda Ronstadt

Here’s Linda and Nicolette doing “You’re Running Wild”

Ronstadt and Phoebe Snow duet on “It’s In His Kiss.


Linda Ronstadt Rolling Stone cover  Phoebe Snow Rolling Stone cover

Nicolette Larson Crawdaddy Feature May 1979


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