Kurt Cobain would have been 50 today

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I’m sure there will be many thought pieces on what should have been Kurt’s 50th Birthday.  We can all speculate on what might have been.  Nirvana might have recorded a 3rd album before breaking up.  Kurt would probably be divorced. Kurt would probably have gotten into a Twitter war with Kanye.

Here’s what we do know as much as I can surmise.

Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are doing a pretty good job of keeping Kurt relevant to a new generation.  I think 2Pac and Biggie probably mean more to the Millennials but there will always be kids that will be attracted to the type of music and lyrics of Kurt’s.


Incesticide, Nirvana’s B-Side album was just re-released on vinyl to celebrate its 25th anniversary

Judging from her Twitter feed, Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean seems like an intelligent thoughtful person.  I would imagine Kurt would be extremely proud.

Kurt’s influence lives on.  I listen to K. Flay’s “Blood In The Cut” (a current top 5 song on the Alternative charts) and I can’t help thinking this could have been a Nirvana song.

As a fan, I miss him.  If you’re in pain seek help.

Here’s one of my favorite performances from Nirvana. It comes from their show at the Reading Festival in 1992


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