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KSAN San Francisco radioI finally attended the Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution exhibit at The Skirball and as an extra benefit there was a panel remembering the work of legendary San Francisco free (freak) form radio station KSAN.  At the panel were Raechel Donahue, Ben Fong-Torres, and Bonnie Simmons.  They all recalled fondly the time in the late 60s to early 70s when the freaks ran the asylum, and they hired people they believed in (despite any experience in the field) played the records they wanted to play and talked about what the wanted to talk about.  As you are probably aware, corporations smelled money and bought out stations, music got formatted, jocks were told to limit their talking and an era ended.  As Bonnie correctly stated it was a moment in time that was not meant to last.  But oh, what a moment!  Fortunately, there are still air checks available to check out.  Here are a few I found on YouTube. Sleazy radio! Far out, man!

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