Keith Richards is 70

Keith Richards is now 70.  It  gives everyone hope  that one can live a long fruitful life.  Hey, if Peter O’Toole can make it to 81 who knows how long Keith Richards can last?  So in honor of Keef, here are ten fun facts on why this guitar slinger is way cooler than you.

1) Recruited by his school’s choirmaster, Richards sang in a trio of boy sopranos at, among other occasions, Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg at Redlands2) Richards still owns Redlands, the Sussex estate he purchased in 1966, as well as a home in Weston, Connecticut and another in the private resort island of Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos.

3) Blue Lena, his 1-of-86 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur, was  well-equipped with a custom made drug compartment

4) A 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Silver Streak convertible formerly owned by Keith Richards during the early 70’s reportedly sold for $61,422.

5)  He wrote ‘Satisfaction’ in my sleep, He was home alone in St. John’s Wood, London, in 1965. Moaning about his lack of a companion, he picked out the riff on an acoustic guitar and dozed off, leaving his cassette recorder running.  In the morning he had the bare bones a hit song and 40 minutes of snoring.

Keith Richards Drug Free America6) He claims he was once awake for nine days straight.  I was not trying to break any records, but found that life got more interesting the longer he stayed awake.  “It wasn’t an attempt of anything. It just happened. It was all just so interesting. I had some good shit. People would come by after two or three days, good friends, and go, ‘You’re still up, aren’t you?’

7) In 1967 there was a police raid at his Redlands home.  Richards reveals that when the police arrived, he was in such a state from LSD that he thought a gang of identically-dressed dwarfs had come to call on him. They were ‘very small people wearing dark blue with shiny bits and helmets!’, according to his recollections.  He let them in, complimenting them on their ‘wonderful attire’. While the Stones and their hangers-on sat around continuing the party, the officers poked around the house, sifting the contents of ashtrays to find evidence of narcotics.  The raid led to the famous trial four months later at which Richards and Mick Jagger were jailed.

8) He dated Anita Pallenberg.  Love “blossomed” in his Bentley.It was somewhere between Barcelona and Valencia that stunning Miss Pallenberg made her move in the back seat, Richards recalls. Without saying a word, she leant over and performed a sex act on him.  He describes the smell of the orange trees in Valencia, saying: ‘When you get laid with Anita Pallenberg for the first time, you remember things.’

9) He is an avid reader with a strong interest in history and owns an extensive library. An April 2010 article revealed that Richards yearns to be a librarian.

10) In June 2013, Richards said that he would retire with his family to Parrot Cay or Jamaica if he knew his death was coming.

Long live Keith Richards!

Keith Richards

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