Keith Moon would have been 70

Keith Moon
Keith MoonIf Keith Moon were alive today he would be dead.  Some people live long,fruitful lives, others live to burn the candles at both ends and then slice it in half and blow it up and that was Keith.  He lived life the way he played the drums, kind of all over the place and yet it all made sense.   A perfect example is Keith Moon’s isolated drum track on Pinball Wizard.  It sounds like it’s lagging, painfully slow and the fills seem random. It sounds like someone just learning how to play the kit and yet it, works perfectly.  The drums kick in at :49


Here are a few of my favorite Moon antics.

The infamous appearance on The Smothers Brothers show.  Keith Moon puts an inordinate amount of cheery bombs in his drum kit, causing a transmission breakdown, a flying cymbal slicing through Keith’s arm and Pete to lose hearing in one ear.


Keith Moon tells the story of encountering a water bed in a hotel room.


Keith demonstrating how to properly destroy a hotel room with Steve Martin narrating.

Keith accepting a Grammy on behalf of The Beatles

Keith and Ringo introduce Sparks

Keith playing the Fashion Designer for Mae West in the horrible movie “Sextette”. Mae would pass away in 1980 outliving Keith who passed away the year this movie came out in 1978

Of course, it all comes down to the music. So here’s The Who ripping it up in 1975.

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