The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame came out with its list of nominees:

If it were up to me (which sadly, it is not) I would give it to the innovators not the imitators (thanks to My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus” for always keeping that lyric in my mind).  Here is the list and my assessment.

The CureInnovators – They made Goth mainstream

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts– Imitators Intriguing story because she started as a teenager but one hit (and albeit a great rocker on stage) should not gain entrance into the Hall.

HeartImitators – First female fronted rock band but still songs are for the most part generic.

Freddie KingInnovators – Inspired Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Guitar player with an unbelievable sound.

The Small Faces/The FacesImitator – Known for raucous shows but never put together a great record. Band members Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Steve Marriott did better things when they left the group.

The SpinnersImitator – Great singles but ground had already been broken by Motown in the 1960s

Beastie BoysInnovators – Three jerks turn hip hop upside down and reinvent the genre

DonovanImitators –  Great at mimicking other artists

Laura NyroInnovator – Amazing singer-songwriter and unique phrasing of songs.  One of a kind artist.  Inspiring too many to mention

Red Hot Chili PeppersImitators – Unique ability to still get constantly played on Alternative radio and yet has nothing to unique to say.  They’re like the Hall & Oates of the 1970s, just not as talented.  They’re a shoe-in to get in the Hall as they’re probably the most popular out of everyone on this list.  And why isn’t Hall & Oates in the Hall (or even in the Oates)?

WarImitators Great singles but Santana and Sly & The Family Stone were there first

Eric B. & RakimInnovators – No hit songs but inspirational to many future rap artists.  They should get in just for the song “Don’t Sweat The Technique

Guns N’ RosesInnovators – Single handily re-invigorated the rock scene in 1987

Rufus with Chaka KhanImitators – Great singles but that’s not enough to get in.

Donna SummerInnovator – Queen of Disco, nuff said

The inductees will be announced in the coming weeks.  We’ll see how well I did.

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