I just finished a book by Albert Brooks “2030“.  In it, Brooks forecasts robots being able to mimic world class surgeons movements from across the globe to perform surgeries. I guess robots will first be able to play pianos.

Elton John NAMM 2013Yamaha has created a virtual player piano which works like a player piano except the person controlling the playing can be playing somewhere else across the globe.  This technology was demonstrated by Sir Elton John at a performance last weekend for the NAMM show.

I’m not sure how this technology will be effective. Last year at Coachella we saw Tupac come back to life for a performance via Hologram and now it appears the next step to creating a show without a performer actually being there has arrived.  .    I guess ideally, you might be able to take lessons from World Class players without having to travel to say, Austria.  Here’s how it actually worked in someone’s home.

I should also say that I watched Elton’s performance at this show streaming on the web.  Most artists at Elton’s stage in their career would probably just phone it in but Elton is still enjoying himself and reinventing the songs that he made so famous more than 40 years ago.  He may have lost a step in his singing but the playing is still phenomenal.  His collaboration a few years back with Leon Russell was stellar and expect to see a new album from Elton later this year.

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