HaimIf you’re doing your child a favor and picking up the Miley Cyrus album, do them and yourselves an extra solid and also get the debut album from a trio of sisters from the San Fernando Valley called Haim.   Parents, it does pay to introduce your kids to your music as the sisters spent their childhood as part of family cover band called Rockinhaim and were brought up listening to Joni Mitchell,  The Beatles, Santana, and the sounds of Motown.

The first time I heard them I was not that impressed as the first single from this album reminded me of Shana Twain singing to the backing drum track of “Heartache Tonight”.


The rest of the album entitled “Days Are Gone” reminds me of Robyn mixed with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s forgotten 80s era gem “Tango In The Night“.

This song reminds me of Christine McVie with Lindsay Buckingham playing guitar.

Haim "Days Are Gone"


The sound of the album is a tribute to the past but with the music and beats planted firmly in the future.  It’s music that can perk the interest of adults and kids in the same way Fun. did in 2012.  In fact if the music gods are all aligned I think Haim will be the big break though act of 2014 and should have a much longer shelf life than Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz.



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