Great Female Guitarists

The new issue of Rolling Stone just arrived touting the 100 Greatest guitarists of all time.  Can we just do away with this topic?  The order doesn’t matter.  We know Hendrix, Page, Clapton and Van Halen are always going to be listed in the top 10.  Most of the guitarists will be from the 60s and 70s.  Maybe they’ll be a nod to some current musicians like Jack White (#76), Tom Morello (#40) or Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead (#48).

The one disappointing thing about this list is that they practically ignored the female guitarist.  Two out of the 100 are recognized, Joni Mitchell (#75) and Bonnie Raitt (#89). How empowering.

I came up with five female guitarists off the top of my head that could have/should have made the list.  Click on their photo to hear them wail.


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2 Responses to Great Female Guitarists

  1. Gabe says:

    Dave, Dave, Dave. Maybe being locked up in a house full of women has given you a girl-Stockholm syndrome but please. The debate on Rolling Stone’s decision making and how stupid they are (Hall of Fame noms) is a whole other argument but the list doesn’t need to be “empowering” for women. Women need to be empowering to women. If any of those girls were guys you wouldn’t give a crap that they weren’t on the list.

    • medjsloan says:

      I’ll have to respectfully disagree with your last sentence. I’ve been fortunate enough to see each of these woman play guitar and they are brilliant, inventive and inspiring guitarists, no matter their gender. Paul Simon and John Lennon are truly one of a kind singer/songwriters but they don’t immediately spring to my mind when it comes to brilliant guitar work. Carrie Brownstein does.

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