Glenn Frey


Very sad to hear of Glenn Frey’s passing.  From what I’ve read in biographies and seen in documentaries Glenn Frey in the 70s was not a laid back Peaceful Easy Feelin’ type of guy.  As soon as he arrived in LA his goal was to not just to be a successful band but to be in the biggest rock band. I can see why Eagles (yes, it’s Eagles and not The Eagles just ask Steve Martin) get a bad rap as not authentic.


The fact is Glenn Frey was able to accomplish all he wanted and more in less than a decade because he not only had the talent but the drive and the will and conviction to prove to everyone that his band was indeed the best.   In 2012, Glenn Frey said he thought “One Of These Nights” was his defining song“. However I’d like to salute Glenn with one that he sings.



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