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Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014

I love the idea of promoting the music scene on the Sunset Strip and that’s exactly what’s going to happen this weekend as the Strip between Doheny and San Vicente will be shut down for the Sunset Strip Music Festival.  Bands will play in the clubs and on the streets, dogs and cats will be living together….MASS HYSTERIA!  It’s a pretty good lineup too with a mixture of styles from bands both old and new.  The scary thing  is  the many children coming down from the mountain to see headliners Jane’s Addiction were not even born when their album “Nothing’s Shocking” was released in 1988.  They will perform that album in its entirety and it still packs a wallop.


If that’s all little too intense for you may I suggest the Tarfest 2014.  First off it’s FREE.  Second, they’ll be a wine bar and food trucks.  Third is the music featuring LA-based headliner Hunter Hunted.  Groove on those summer sounds and harmonies.  It should be a great day of music, food and tar. Enjoy!

Tarfest 2014

Tarfest 2014 featuring Hunter Hunted

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