Get Out

This is the weekend to check out the ladies.  Chick a wah wah!  No matter the sex these are amazingly talented artists and they can all be found this weekend at either the El Rey or The Shrine

Let’s go all the way back to 1997 when a trio of women collectively named Luscious Jackson ruled the alternative airwaves with the song “Naked Eye”.  The band went the Pledge Music route and got fans to help support their latest album  which came out late in 2013.  They’re hitting the El Rey to party like it’s 1997.

M.I.A. 2014

Now let’s go back to 2008 when M.I.A. ruled the world with her song “Paper Planes“.  No matter what you think of her politics, there is no denying she know’s her way around a beat and lyrical phrase.  Even though there are seats at the Shrine they will not be utilized while M.I.A is on stage.    Here’s the latest video directed by M.I.A. from her new album Matangi.

Lana Del Rey

Let’s go back to 2011 when an unknown singer named  Lana Del Rey pursed her lips and vamped emotionless to her song “Video Games“.  The video has garnered over 61 million views to date. The video got her a spot on Saturday Night Live in which she was widely panned for doing exactly what she did in her video.  It was classically parodied on SNL by Kristin Wiig

To her credit she’s recovered amazingly well while still creating music that at first seems distant and aloof and yet still draws you in.

Her new album comes out on June 17 but you can see Lana at the Shrine on Friday.  You can also guarantee that the seats that were not put to use the night before at M.I.A. will be put to use for her Lana’s rapt audience on Friday.  This is her first single “West Coast”.

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