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This is the week of Desert Trip.  If you’re tempted to go, you’re in luck as tickets on StubHub are below cost. I’m almost tempted to go myself.  Here’s who is playing and what to expect.


Bob Dylan Set time 6:40PM

What to expect: Probably disappointment.  Veteran Dylan followers know what to expect but first timers will be in for a shock.  He’s touring off his standards albums and currently about 40% of his set are 40s era songs.  He’s been closing with Frank Sinatra’s “Stay With Me”, a far cry from “All Along The Watchtower”.

Rolling Stones Set time: 9:40

What to expect: A stellar performance with probably a guest star or two.  They will never disappoint and I’m thinking Mick Jagger wants to put on the most talked about performance of the weekend.  They are teasing a blues album that might come out today.  Word on the street has Eric Clapton playing on the record so we might get a surprise appearance from Slowhand.  Another uneducated guess is that Dylan might join them for “Like A Rolling Stone”.  I’m sure there will be many surprises.


Neil Young  Set time: 6:15PM

What to expect: Neil is the wild card.  As much as Mick wants to please everyone, Neil enjoys mixing it up.  He’s got a great band playing with called Promise Of The Real.  The most well known member is Lukas Nelson, son of Willie.  They’re also all Neil Young super fans which means they can keep up with any curveball Neil might throw their way.  Knowing Neil’s orneriness I’m expecting many songs from his latest albums “Earth” and “The Monsanto Years” mixed in with a number of lesser known songs to thrill his faithful followers and a few well known songs for the newbies

Paul McCartney Set time: 9:15PM

What to expect: Paul treats every show the same, which is a good thing.  We know he’ll play most ever song you’ll want to hear.  My guess is that he’ll be the one guy that can bring Dylan, Jagger, Young, Roger Waters and Daltrey and Townshend together for a version of “Hey Jude”.


The Who Set time: 6:15PM

What to expect: Pete and Roger are on the final go round.  Expect to hear everything you’d want and more.  I’m surprised they’re the first band playing tonight.  I think Roger and Pete will treat this as a battle of the bands and make Roger Waters regret he has to follow them.

Roger Waters Set time 9:10

What to expect:  Roger tour is called The Best Of Pink Floyd so mercifully there won’t be any solo material to contend with.  As you would imagine, the set list is stacked with classic Pink Floyd tunes.   The only thing that would make this a truly memorable show is if David Gilmour decides to drop in.  Don’t put it passed the Goldenvoice people who organized this festival that this is their ace in the hole to make this a truly extraordinary event.

Goldenvoice sure knows how to do things right, including the boxing up their tickets.


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