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Love comedy but need to see performed in an overcrowded shed instead of an intimate club? Well this is the weekend for you!

These shows will be overcrowded because the lineups are just insane with the level of talent performing.

Saturday is Tenacious D‘s Festival Supreme.  Relive your 80s and 90s comedy nerdom with sets from Kids In The Hall and Mystery Science 3000.  Sing along to the classics from Richard Cheese (request “Gin and Juice”  plus funny man Henry Rollins is performing….don’t think he’s funny, you probably don’t remember the song “Liar” or even further back Black Flag’s “TV Party”.  And you probably already have Tenacious D’s set memorized but they’re throwing you a curveball this year with a set of Jazzzzzzz….man, cool,. dig it, daddy-o.

Oddball Fest 2015

Sunday is the easy to remember “Funny Or Die Presents The Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival 2015”  Just call it the Oddball Fest at Irvine Meadows.  Headliners are Aziz Ansari (from Parks and Rec) and Amy Schumer (from everything you ever saw on TV this Summer), there’s also T.J. Miller (from Silicon Valley), Anthony Jeselnik (from Twitter) and about 10 other comedians ready to pummel you with the funny.

In the meantime, let Aziz woo you with a little R&B slow jam. Enjoy!

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