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Don’t Knock The Rock is going on at Cinefamily.  I’m always amazed at the never ending assortment of intriguing documentaries out there and there.  Cinefamily is screening two this week that should not be missed.

Michael De Barres

You might know Michael De Barres as the rock singer for various bands that didn’t quite take off like Detective (recorded for Zeppelin’s Swan Song and produced by Jimmy Page), Chequered Past (which also included Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols and a couple members from Blondie) or as the guy that replaced Robert Palmer in the 80s super band Power Station.  You might know him as the guy who wrote the 80s hit for Animotion called “Obsession“.  You might also know him as the guy Pamela De Barres wrote about extensively in her groupie tell all “I’m With The Band“.  You might even know him as the character Murdoc from 80s TV show MacGyver. (click on this link, you won’t regret it) In any case, he’s lead a fun life and this documentary covers some of the ground he’s covered in the past 50 years.

Find out why it’s all about 2 turntables and a microphone in the documentary “Scratch

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