Frontier Records

As I’ve been going in the spiral of the 70s LA punk rock scene after reading “Under The Big Black Sun“. I see that Frontier Records is still in business and doing the Good Lord’s work of delivering all your punk rock needs.

You can go here and get a number of amazing compilations from Dangerhouse Records. ¬†Also, my new/old discovery favorite Black Randy & The Metrosquad has their one album, Pass The Dust, I’m Think I’m Bowie now available for purchase.

Get it!

The floor was slimy and the air was thick and hot
I hid in a booth and I tried to set up a cot
Some of the movies didn’t make any sense
But you sure can have a lot of fun for 25 cents

I slept in an arcade

I saw some geeks and I saw God
Marilyn Chambers and Big Johnny Wadd
Allen MacDonnell was in there with Rod
I bought a vinyl dog and a big rubber cod

I wore fine clothes and drank mixed drinks
I watched the pope fight Leon Spinks
Joe’s old nip mama was my maid
Fist Face poured amyl like lemonade

There was a dog in 24B
Working undercover for LAPD
I took his paw and he winked at me
He said I’m man’s best friend and I’m off at 3

Dawn came before I got much rest
I stumbled outside and I headed west
I blinked my eyes, I couldn’t see
Everybody there looked naked to me

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