Free Music Friday

Enjoy nine live songs from artists on the Sugar Hill and Vanguard labels.  It’s worth getting just to hear 21-year-old Sarah Jarosz do a beautiful version of Bob Dylan’s “Ring Them Bells”.

You may have also heard that David Bowie is back.  In case you haven’t heard the first single “Where Are We Now” from his upcoming new album coming out in March, here it is.

And in case you forgot how awesome Bowie was/is check out this recording of a performance at the Universal Amphitheatre in 1974.  Click on the photo to hear it in all its 1970’s splendor (but don’t  bother listening to the 10 minutes intro of animal noises at the start of the show, that’s just too much 70’s splendor).

David Bowie 1974 Universal Amphitheatre


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One Response to Free Music Friday

  1. Thank you so much for posting this – just brilliant! As a musician in a band that plays (what our fans have dubbed us) “Glitter Punk”, I am proud to have the likes of David Bowie as part of our musical heritage!
    By the way, I made it through the intro. It was an “you obviously had to have been there moment” but you can hear the growing excitement of the crowd who know that something very special is about to happen! This is theater/cabaret, art and it is music. David Bowie is a performer unparalleled and his new single proves that even an older (and seemingly more frail) Bowie is still able to evoke excitement, even hysteria (I saw people actually cry a the news of his new album) and, most importantly, continue to shake up the music industry.

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