Free Music Friday

In case you didn’t hear. Amazon wants to be your best friend and shopping buddy. In addition to their streaming video for Prime customers they are now streaming music. Although they’ve put a limit on introducing to you new music with a reported six month waiting period. The are offering about 1 million songs for streaming (as compared to 20+ million from Spotify).  Amazon really isn’t here to be your cool friend they just want to be your shopping buddy.

Obviously the free music is to get you to buy..and buy anything and everything..  The new phone they introduced this week will also allow you to listen and purchase immediately.  Actually they’re not here to be your shopping buddy.  They want to be your crack dealer.  So I’ll be here to help you with your first taste.  Here’s some free music Amazon is offering.  Listen and download for free and then come back and buy, buy buy!!  You can get any one of these albums for $6.99 or less.  Click on the photo, hide your wallet and enjoy!

Amazon Free Music




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