Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac – The Iconic Lineup

I was in grade school during the 70s heyday of Fleetwood Mac.  My oldest daughter was three years old the last time the iconic Fleetwood Mac lineup shared a stage.  Yet, even though we were not aware of the band in their prime, their music still packed a wallop for both of us when we saw this lineup perform at The Forum last week.  My daughter wasn’t aware of the history of the band; the fact that they were in the middle of divorces and break-ups and flings with each other.  I remarked that it was almost similar to one of her favorite shows, Friends.  Even without knowing this history she somehow discovered Rumors on her own and immediately fell in love with the songs.  The album, Rumors is like The Beatles music in that the songs are now embedded in our DNA.  We know them all so intimately.  I think this may be why I welled up when they launched into their first song “The Chain” and I got to hear Christine, Stevie and Lindsey harmonize together like it was 1977 again and time seemed to stand still.  But of course time does not stand still.  The band all expressed their gratitude to have Christine back in the band.  Stevie mentioned her God Daughters and how wonderful it was to have them at the show.  Lindsey mentioned his gratitude to the fans for being with the band for so long.  Mick Fleetwood brought out his daughters to bask in the spotlight and share this amazing moment.  Whether you were on the stage or in the audience the band acknowledged that time marches on and to enjoy these moments together.  I was so happy to share this moment and these songs with my daughter.

Fleetwood Mac “The Chain” November 28, 2014 The Forum

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